• I like it, but it still needs work on the syntax. Translation is somewhat rough. Game its self plays well, although harder than necessary for casual gamers. Still it’s fun to play and remind me of the other games in the series. I bought it on sale for like five bucks. I think regular price is $14.99, so it’s still a great deal. Give it a try, I…[Read more]

  • Just started Sea Dogs: To each his own on Steam. Current version is in Beta and is absolutely playable in English. Translation is a little rough, but is clearly understandable. I am still on Martinique (island one) and am not sure what’s going on, but game has the look and feel of COAS/GoF/ERAS. Joruba says release date is 12 Feb. I wasn’t sure…[Read more]

  • Hey MK, I don’t know if this qualifies as a bug, but some of my higher level NPC’s don’t use the best armor. For example: uses French Fencing Gloves vice Spanish Breastplate. Also sometimes don’t use the best pistol (uses single-shot instead of Brace of Pistols) when qualified with Cleaver Shot skill. Again don’t know if this is bug or something…[Read more]

  • MK, I’m not sure that Le Francois problem is fixable. I’ve had that happen as far back as the original COAS. It also happens at Havana and Puerto Principie and it’s occurred sometimes at Capster or Bat Beaches.

  • Sorry, you made it sound simple enough that any dummy (me) could do it if pointed in the right direction.
    As far as the Battleship/Manowar quest goes, I was talking about a problem that existed in GoF 1. As far as I know the Dutch Quest line works fine in ERAS.

  • Sounds like a pretty simple fix. Glad I could help.

    What’s the file name? Can I do this myself? I did follow the instructions to recode the Dutch National Quest. Remember the problem with the different kinds of Battleships?

  • The crashes happened with England against the French at Cayman and with
    Phips against the Spanish at Fort de France and Charlestown.

    Those are the only ones I’ve tried since I downloaded the new version.
    Getting Pirate England to a point where I could get these quests took me
    about 7 hours. I will blow his quest and see if any others pop…[Read more]

  • MK, I’m having the same kind of problem as Kuroi. My crashes happen when I come off the strategic map during named-pirate ship-battle quests. Have used two different characters, Phips and England, and the same problem happens. Quests with shore-battles work fine. I’m using latest download. When I was using the older version I didn’t have this problem.

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