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Professor MK’s old Sailing Ship Images repository

Here resurrected after PA! deleted this topic from the Storm Engine Modeling Forum after my banning. I managed to save many of my topics in cached pages after they were deleted and once the Forum section is completely finished here at Buccaneer’s Reef and open for view, you will be able to browse all of those topics.

For those that are interested this page is my ship images repository. I happen to know many of you were upset when this got deleted because you told me so. I even found topics posted in Model ship websites talking about it. Surprisingly this topic has probably garnered more views than anything else I ever did.

The links here go directly to many sets of photos I have compiled over several years on my Flickr photo site. As of last month my Flickr site has had over 1.65 MILLION views! Who would’ve ever thought? WOW!!!

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AHOY Mates!

I decided that it was finally time to put this up. I now have almost 1900 images of ships up on Flickr photostream.

This is a single image resource for modelers or naval historians to look at for reference on ships or parts of ships that they might be curious about or need more information about to finish their work.

OR you might simply wish to peruse the repository for the enjoyment of looking at beautiful ship images. Many of these illustrations are from my extensive private collection and there are many scanned from rare and hard to get – out of print books and prints. I think I may possibly have assembled the largest groups of categorized Van de Velde drawings and paintings together on-line in one place. This is all put here for educational purposes alone and these images are not to be used for profit IAW USC107.

For those that aren’t as knowledgeable on the history of sailing vessels, images alone can be a powerful educational tool and I would encourage anyone that simply wants to learn a little more about sailing ships to take a look at the links I’ve provided below.

In addition if you have any requests for a specific type of ship collection of images let me know. I am constantly compiling them as an additional hobby.

Ships list follows:

14th to 16th century Carracks/Kraak and Naos/Nau

16th/17th century Spanish Galleons


Early Dutch Galleons: Late 16th/Early 17th century Dutch and Flemish built vessels:


English 16th cent/early 17th century galleons

17th Century Dutch pattern Pinnaces and Frigates

17th Century Dutch Warships – equivalent 1st through 3rd rates

Zeven Provincien


Gouden Leeuw (Golden Lion) COMING SOON


Frederich Willhelm zu Pferde

Prinz Willem



17th century Dutch Fluyts

Dutch and English 17th century Jachts COMING SOON

English Restoration Era 17th century to 1715 Warships 1st thru 3rd rate (HMS Prince, HMS Royal James, HMS Britannia and HMS Royal Katherine very prevalent in this set)

Preble Hall: Annapolis Naval model Museum USNA:

English Restoration Era 17th century to 1715 Warships 4th thru 6th rate & unrated vessels

HMS Lennox: English 3rd rater

French 17th and early 18th century Warships:

French Frigates COMING SOON

The 17th century Two Masted Ship: Snows, Pinks, Brigantines, Pataches, Urcas, and Busses COMING SOON

British 18th century rated Warships COMING SOON

Russian Sailing Warships COMING SOON

18th and early 19th century United States Frigates COMING SOON

American Ships of the Line

AA Orlinski Paintings

Sailing Naval Battles COMING SOON

Ships of the Seas Maritime Museum: Savannah Georgia, USA

Keep checking back. These are updated often. MK

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modernknight1, Dec 13, 2012
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Thanks for posting this, MK! Especially looking forward to the english (restoration) sixth rates and french frigates.

By the way, you mentioned a mid 17th century dutch frigate you want to have for your project in the Lennox thread, is it already on the list? Gouden Leeuw or Eendracht?

Bava, Dec 13, 2012

Its generic right now Bava. I obviously have some really great images to build from and several plans.

You yourself set me on those good ones of Wapen Van Edam. With those I got many leads and obtained an excellent set of plans now. I have other plans, but they are old original faded draughts. I’m not a big fan of the Wapen van Edam’s decoration though.

The Amstelant and the Tholen are both almost the same size and have more the look I wanted. I’m actually making one of the reskins of the Dutch Frigate project (that Sea Norris is working on right now) with the Tholen’s decorations/windows on the stern.

I actually lifted them off a copy of the original Van de Velde drawing and sectioned and warped them in Photoshop. With the addition of external cherubs and windows etc… and hours of shading and coloring, I almost have a really good 3D looking image of the Tholen’s stern for the model. The cool thing is that most of it is actually Van de Velde work. Van de Velde’s image is in our game – how coool is that? 🙂

BTW it is the anniversary of William Van de Velde’s death today. I thought about writing something up.

One other thing is that I obtained a couple of those out of print books on French ships that you set leads for me on. Wasn’t there a particular ship you were looking for? I may have it now….


modernknight1, Dec 13, 2012

Ah, the Wapen von Edam. Good to hear you got a copy of the plans 🙂 There´s a black bull on the stern, if I remember correctly?

I actually lifted them off a copy of the original Van de Velde drawing and sectioned and warped them in Photoshop. With the addition of external cherubs and windows etc… and hours of shading and coloring, I almost have a really good 3D looking image of the Tholen’s stern for the model. The cool thing is that most of it is actually Van de Velde work. Van de Velde’s image is in our game – how coool is that? 🙂

Pretty cool actually 🙂 I once tried something like this with a heavily modified painting by Williams and Blender´s texture sculpting tool. The result left much to be desired, but it was fun to do.

One other thing is that I obtained a couple of those out of print books on French ships that you set leads for me on. Wasn’t there a particular ship you were looking for? I may have it now….

Well, I´d love to model a late 17th/early 18th century fifth or sixth rate, the country of origin doesn´t matter that much. So if you find something interesting, please let me know 🙂

Bava, Dec 13, 2012

Yup, She’s got a black bull on her stern. Nice but I’m limited in the numbers of decorations to select from for the available ships, so want to put the best ones on. I’m nearly done with the Tholen, but don’t want to show her off till I’m finished. I will however show a teaser of what I’m talking about with the Gouda. Just started working on her stern last night.

I think I may have found something you’ll like as well. MK

Dutch – Gouda 1665 – Van de Velde as Smart Object-1 copy.jpg

modernknight1, Dec 15, 2012

Now that´s a nice stern. Did you mirror the picture? I don´t see a seam, though.

I think I may have found something you’ll like as well.

Oh, MK, don´t be so mean…I´d like to see what you´ve found :p

Bava, Dec 18, 2012

I’ll send you a link Bava when I get it properly hung online (next day or two). We’ll call it a Christmas present. :cheersMK

modernknight1, Dec 19, 2012
Hylie Pistof
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Took a look and found Magellan’s Victoria!

Hylie Pistof, Dec 19, 2012

Hylie Pistof said: ?

Took a look and found Magellan’s Victoria!

That’s great Hylie! There’s actually several of her. I LOVE that early era. There is an incredible book called “The Scents of Eden: A History of the Spice Islands”, by Charles Corn – that talks about Magellan’s expedition in some detail. This part/era in the book is really sad. It starts with him as a young man serving under Admiral Albuquerque on the punitive expedition to bombard Malacca in 1512. (I actually did a nice picture of this event that I will post soon).

His best friend is on this expedition as well. Both him and his friend return to Europe. However, his friend goes back to the East Indies to assist in the Portuguese conquest of many island colonies. The book covers their many letters to one another. Magellan of course heads west and gets killed in a small tribal war. He was less than a hundred miles away of seeing his best friend again when he died.

So Magellan actually never completed the circumnavigation. He went half way round and back and then completed the other half going the opposite direction before he got killed. The Victoria (which started out as part of a five ship squadron) WAS the first ship to circumnavigate the world. She was the only ship left when she limped into Lisbon with the few survivors of the expedition. The first MEN to circumnavigate the world in one trip were the survivors of Victoria’s brave crew.

I HIGHLY recommend this book. It is among the top ten favorites in my collection. I picked it up about 15 years ago. I rarely read a book twice. I have read this book over again three times in the last fifteen years.


modernknight1, Dec 30, 2012

Sets updated last night. Hundreds of images added to all sets. Three new sets added:

Early Dutch Galleons

English Restoration Era 4th through 6th raters and unrated

Spanish Galleon Neptune

Many images were added to the Dutch warship sets and the Prinz Willem set.

The links are updated in the first post.


modernknight1, Jan 20, 2013
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I have a few images uploaded of replica of the Galleon San Salvidor from the Cabrillo expedition. (1542, if memory serves.) I figured that they would be the most useful here. the The leader of the project used to be an officer on Pilgrim, and he gave a few of us special access to the build site. I plan to go back later this year, since they are now in the planking phase.

It was designed to be as accurate as possible, excluding a few modern safety features that weren’t in place when I took the pictures.
I have several more, but for now:

Edit: Most of that internal bracing is most likely temporary. They have hacamatac wood drying out for the hanging knees. They are taking some liberties with the wood. Instead of the species Cabrillo would have used (what they could find near the beach on the Pacific coast) They are using the finest shipbuilding woods from all over the world. Southern live oak, hacamatac, purpleheart, black locust, and rosewood, to name a few.

Post Captain, Feb 5, 2013

New set added. The Wasa 1628. First post updated with link

Other sets have had photos added as well


modernknight1, May 22, 2013
Hylie Pistof

Huh. She doesn’t look particularly top heavy, but……….

There is a lot of great artwork on that ship.

Hylie Pistof, May 22, 2013

There are many experts that say her design was just fine. I commented with a narrative of her history on the set. Its the little bubble thingey in the upper right corner.

Some experts say she did not have the right amount of ballast and that it was not properly adjusted when she set sail for the first time (this would occur during sea trials and her maiden voyage was her sea trial)

We know it was a choppy day and the captain had all the lower gun deck’s ports open and her guns run out for the big event. Some have speculated that her captain hung too much canvas for the conditions. Once the wind gust hit her enough to put the lower gun ports below water she could not be righted again.

Historians say this is what happened to Mary Rose as well even though she had already been in service for a while when she sunk. Some revisionists are theorizing that the French scored a lucky shot and that she was under fire when she sunk. I intend to do more research for myself on this.


modernknight1, May 22, 2013

New set added: Ships of the Seas Maritime Museum, Savannah Georgia, USA

Also updated a couple of other sets including quite a number of new photos to the Zeven Provincien gallery:

First post updated.


modernknight1, Jun 2, 2013
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Added set. Dutch Fluyts:

First post updated.


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