Historical Short Stories

I fancy myself somewhat of a writer and have some friends in publishing who are interested in helping me. My problem is that I always am involved in a dozen projects or doing stuff/going places all the time. So getting my stories finished is a challenge. I have over a dozen that I’m working on. Many are nearly done and just need a little polishing.

So here is a place that I can post my writing and I would invite others (I know of at least one person that expressed an interest) to post their work for our small august company of scallywags to take a gander at.

The story of the week will continue to update weekly with the latest serial/episode of the latest story. This section here is for completed stories or the work of others that also may want to present serials.

Happy Reading!


READ the exciting story of Sir John Hawkins’ final slaving expedition which ended up in disaster as his ships became heavily damaged by storms. With no other choice but to seek help from the Spaniards, Hawkins and his captains including a young Francis Drake set the stage for a deadly confrontation – ending in a fight for their lives to escape back to England. Half of them never made it home.

Debacle at San Juan de Uloa: https://buccaneersreef.com/?page_id=140

READ the continuing adventures of the great Dutch hero Piet Heyn as he escapes the Spanish galleys as a common slave and climbs the ladder of success to become a powerful Captain and commander. His struggles are many and cover the globe. This is an untold story that I have spent thousands of hours researching.

Reale Ocho: Silvern at Bahia de Matanzas: https://buccaneersreef.com/?page_id=68

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