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    So I worked on a lot of stuff this week in my spare time even though it was a very busy week. I got a few new ships in the game from a friend and they are some nice ones. They will be in the next patch if folks decide they want a next patch.

    I also made another version of the Frederick Willem Ze Pferde also known as DutchLineship2 in the game. I call her Export Warship and she has close to the same stats as the original but her skins are distinctly colored and decorated in a Spanish and French style reflecting that they were built by the Dutch for the export market. Take a look at her in the screenshots thread. I did this because of the many Van de Velde drawings I’ve seen on the subject that he documented. We know the Dutch had and built around 80 percent of the worlds ships at this time in history and didn’t care about selling them to competitors. The ship turned out REALLY cool. There was a decoration I made of Atlas holding up the world that I had wanted to use for a LONG time and I finally got my chance with this ship. Because of this you will no longer see the Frederick Willem zu Pferde (DutchLineship21) available to the French and Spanish.

    If you look on the Home page below our/my welcome message – you will see the ship of the day is the 2nd and 3rd rate English restoration warships. There you can take a gander at the new 2nd rate English Manowar I just put into the game. She turned out nice! Here’s a link to what I’m talking about: https://www.flickr.com/photos/49225014@N05/

    The character index/character_init files are about 80 percent finished now. I also reset some numbers that were causing ship crashes because there were too many ships on the world map simultaneously with direct sail enabled. This will cause there to be more ships generated and LESS crashing in encounters.

    Got a couple more characters done and have 16 new items (a whole new items sheet) ready to go in game. Some of the items are more pipes (clay pipes), the Order of the Golden Fleece medal/necklace and a grappling hook blunderbuss that give 30 plus grappling skill. I also took an idea I saw them playing with for the build mods and added a blade care kit.

    I thought I finally had the pirate haven on Dominica ready for prime-time but its still crashing. I think I know why. Just like I got lower boarding decks working I will get the new islands and towns working.

    EDIT: Obviously I also have a priority list of things I am working on as well. These are my current priorities:

    1- the new nationality based promotions and titles code

    2- Character index scrub and matching portraits complete

    3- Historical cannon mod – This is almost done. It changes what ships carry what sized guns to a more realistic degree. You’ve probably already noticed the new cannon noises. I have more for each size. The mod will change cannon bore/weight classifications to, 3,4,6,9,12,18,24,32,36,and 50. 24pounders will be the largest culverine available. 50 pounders will only be found on forts and on the largest Spanish ships reflecting the historical guns forged in the great foundries of Liege. 32pounders will be found on the largest English ships and 36 pounders will be found on the largest Dutch and French ships. (The French purchased 36pounders from the Dutch for their navy until their foundries and technology caught up circa post 1720s.)

    4- Finish and implement New islands and locations

    5- Increase in fighters from 3 to 5 or 6

    Also I am working on a new quest. The code examples from a couple of the SOFS/GIC patches have really helped me figure out how quests are properly done in COAS. So I have been trying to write my own by simply using the GIC code as a guide and changing one of the existing quests. If I am successful, more quests will follow.

    I am still always open to new ideas if any of you have any that are within my ability to put into the game. (Characters, items, etc…)


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    I was hoping Luke159 would help me on the Gun project with a new version of RTBL applied but he’s been silent. Looks like I will have a go at re-synching realistic damage numbers for those bore sizes as well.


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    Sorry I’ve been a little quiet. Very busy here. I am working on a long presentation I have to give publicly soon so that’s been taking up a lot of my time.

    I have been working on the patch though. I almost have the Citizen fix complete which I think will completely fix the treasure quest bug on the mission where treasure ships are resupplying in some cove and a pirate tells you about it.

    I have also been working on the Islands a little more. I will post some screens of the new map soon as a teaser. I have had to rename some of them because of where they ended up on the map. Eluethra from AOP1 is going to be Viecquez. Alos St Marten from AOP1 will be Nassau and will most likely be a pirate haven or English – I think Pirate though. Marie Galante is in the game now but the beaches don’t work. I think I am going to assign it different beach models. It is uninhabited but you will be able to find treasures there and it will be a good location when we start getting our own quests going.

    Saint Kitts is in an interesting location which puts it south of where the actual BVI(former Danish West Indies) were. Not everything is going to be correct as far as locations are concerned but I think that’s OK. We can either leave St Kitts as what it is named now or I can change it to Eleuthra or Saba/Oranjestad. I’m leaning Dutch since there are not as many Dutch colonies in the game to begin with. Of course there is the new pirate haven I am working on on Dominica as well. I have more but I am keeping it only to the ones I list above for the time being. I have to pace myself.

    I am not going to import any new POTC locations into these locations yet. I want to import the AOP1 islands first because they are nearly identical to COAS as far as whats in the files. Later when I have more confidence I will try the POTC locations again.

    So a little more on the cannon fix. All the small sized guns are done. I am doing the bigger ones now.

    The character index is a little further. I am probably at around 90 percent complete now.

    The new characters are mostly finished but having a couple problems with animation. One of them is OUTRAGEOUS. If any of you are into the three musketeers you’re gonna love it. So my problem is that he has a very unique animation. I cannot allow him to be a recruitable NPC right now because he screws the game up with all kinds of graphical blinking glitches. However as a RPG that you choose to play yourself he is just fine. Another delay is that I have redone the Michiel DeRuyter character to more look like a fusion of the original paintings with the actor that plays him in the movie – Frank Lammers. Almost done. I think you will like him.


    So all the new ships are in the game. Doing a couple more reskins.

    Also working on some tweaks to the diplomacy code.

    I am working on several articles for the site and nearly have a couple done. Deciding on which to put up because I already have a bunch of previous ones. Expect to see a bunch of new stuff up tonight and tomorrow.

    Looks like we have some new members. WELCOME to the Reef! Hammer hasn’t shown up here because of a family crisis so I don’t expect much from him for a few days or more. A couple others are up skiing and wondering where I am. I can’t come up there yet because of business commitments but will be on the slopes in about two or three weeks. One other is just no longer interested in participating but says that the burnout will subside after a while. The others I have not heard from. Once they got my final fixes before I released they disappeared. I hope they are having fun and we get some feedback from them.

    As far as the patch is concerned I believe I will have a good solid patch ready with all these small but significant bug fixes, new ships, new characters and items ready by late February to early March.

    Three things I would like to solicit from members at this point is:

    1) New goods. I want to put Cochineal into the game as a new cargo. It was a HUGE Caribbean commodity at the time and worth a ton. Cochineal Often the Spanish treasure galleons had as much cochineal on board in barrels as they had silver.

    I also want to put in “Logwood” or Bloodwood. Logwood This commodity was HUGE in the 17th century and pirates would often obtain licenses to go to certain places to cut logwood as a premise for being in their hunting area in case military patrols inspected them. They could produce the license. However, if a good prize came along, then the cutting would stop. Tons about this in historical records, pirate lore and literature. Have to have it.

    So what I want to know is WHAT ELSE SHOULD I ADD as cargo goods? I can only think of the two. Are there others I should consider? Its more worth doing this mod if there is more to put in.

    2) Are there any other new items you would like to see or new characters?

    3) Anyone have any ideas for a good historical quest to write as our first additional quest to COAS vanilla questlines?

    EDIT: OH YEAH one other thing. ONLY members and beta testers will have access to the new patch. There are benefits to membership you know….

    Talk to you soon Me Hearties!!!


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    Nice! Theres really some stuff to look forward too, Ive put my current COAS game on hold atm, I played all weekend until my old drive i have it installed, went off beyond repair. AAAAnd since i dont want to start a new game where i have to work myself up again, i will just wait for the new patch and contribute otherwise 😉
    I hope the problem with the boarding will be fixed there, since at high lvl 30+, im speaking of year 1670+ here (yes i played for 8 years ingame time before my old drive gave out), its really hard to make a living, everyone can avoid being boarded and its straight out annoying at some point, whereas only the usual bounty hunters are boardable and the enemy ships its a 50/50 depending on their skills.

    Would be cool if you could give some feedback wether you already fixed that or not 😉
    On other terms, I would find it very cool if one quest would involve a pirate quest, called “Pirates retaliation”
    Basicly what happens:
    -You go to the new Pirate heavens and speak to the Head Pirate there.
    -He will propose to you that a big pirate hunting squadron was sent from europe to intervene in the pirating activities and that you, the player, are called up to repell the force with the help of some local pirate captains aswell.
    -He will give you a random Town location and you will have to fight 10 class 1-4 ships that are resupplying there and are at 80% health and 80% crewspace (they had after all a long trip from europe to the carribean)
    -Of course he will sent there 7-10 pirate ships of varying sizes (mostly class 3-6) to help you (they will spawn there once you enter sea mode next to the port)
    -An epic fight will begin and you, the player will have to sink or board ALL ships, with the possibility of razing the fort and plundering the town aswell.
    -This event can only be triggered once every 3 months.

    Penalties: If you fail questtime or destructure of the whole fleet, theres a chance that one pirate heaven will be attacked by that squadron and that they will destroy and murder everyone in that town.

    Also coupled to this, I would really love if pirates wouldnt turn on eachother ingame, like if i want to help out a pirate pal who has authorities fighting him, he turns hostile towards me cuz the automated fire of the cannons will also fire at him… And of course there are no ships holding out at the pirate locations. Other factions have that, why do pirate factions do not have their bethren ships holding out there.

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    Sorry about your drive Dennis. You know I’ve been able to get my data off of them before when they go bad, if I freeze them for a day in the freezer.

    I am at level 17 in my game and still have not had even one problem with boarding. I noticed in your video that you speed up time a lot. That may be preventing you from seeing the icon. A lot of the time the boarding Icon will only show up for a second and then disappear again until you are at just the right spot. Sometimes it even helps to slow down time rather than speed it up.

    So let me ask….is there anyone else out there having this same boarding problem as Dennis?

    That is a very good idea for a quest. I like it and we will try to do it. But for my first attempt at a new quest I want to do something very simple that we have a good guide already in place for.

    So I was thinking that once I get some of the new locations working right, that we could do an alternate Isabella quest. So you run into someone you know (like Atilla in Bermuda) but the dialogue is different and he tells you about a different girl living in a different place. Instead of Isabella on Puerto Rico, we could have Dutch Katrina living on Saba/Orangestad. You could still obviously do both quests but if you start on the next one after you already completed the other, then the other girl will divorce you and go to her sister’s. The dialogue will be different and where you need to go for the clues will be different. The girl will be a blonde blue eyed Dutch model.

    Someone also contacted me that they have figured out how to get the porn movies back in the game like in the Supermod for AOP1. They have made new movies. I’m not certain that is something we want. Is anyone interested in him posting that as a mod for ERAs2? He showed me his code and it will actually be quite useful because it showed me how I can insert movies into other places. So instead of a death loading screen I could occasionally show a movie instead. Same with some of the town scenes. I have this great clip of grappling hooks being thrown over the side of the gunwale. Wouldn’t it be cool to see that video sometimes during boarding instead of just boarding pictures?


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    I dont really think we would be needing Porn Cinematics XD
    But cinematics as themselves, I personally would consider a kink one could add on the end line of development. Seeing as theres gonna be new island, new quests and more game enhancing stuff, this may be a great idea as it is, but it would not enrich very much the gameplay as of now.
    After all the transition pictures we have are pretty awesome by themselves. And for everyone who has an ssd he wont experience longer loading times than 1-3 seconds 😉

    Nonetheless a great Idea, though im more looking forward to your quest idea of the Isabella quest. For a start maybe we could find a different approach and try to copy the Flying dutchman questline, with one of the ghost ships from the TEHO addon. I think we wont be needing any Disney ideas, to put a story behind it that may have been told in a real world tavern.

    Did you try the new ships out yet, from the TEHO subaddon?

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      Haven’t had a chance to DL the TEHO add on yet. Need to do that before I leave. I put all the stuff I’m gonna work on on a 2 terabyte HD when I leave to go places so I can still work on the mod in hotels, friends, relatives, etc…

      Another ghost ship besides the flying dutchman. HMMMM….very intriguing. I just watched a special on ghost ships the other night. It was really good. The ghost of UB-65 really made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. The fact that the American’s found the abandoned u-boat and the American officer saw the ghost of Lt Richter with folded arms on the deck as it went down was pretty creepy – especially when you consider that he know nothing about the previous history of the curse and haunting of the sub prior to seeing Richter’s spectre and entering his sighting in the log. Spookey man!

      The story of the Jenny was pretty cool also. The ship left England in 1822 and was not seen again. Then a whaler finds her sailing along in 1840. Everyone on board was dead and had been preserved because of the cold. The captain was found sitting frozen at his table writing in his logbook.

      Anyway what might be cool is for us to find a really old derelict sailing along as part of the quest. No one would be on board when you board. I don’t know exactly how I am gonna do that but I think it would be doable. There would be some item aboard that you would need to continue the quest and you could keep the cool old ship as well if you wanted.

      Nice idea….

      I’m gonna add a topic in the forums on Ghost ships, Sea Monsters and Legends and Lore of the sea.


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    Just make sure your HD drive doesnt break like mine did… 😉
    I cant wait to update my game with the soon to come patch. If you need some help just tell me.
    Im also want to invest myself with the few spare time more into the code, I may not be a IT programmer myself, but im keen on getting at least to understand the mechanics of the game to the fullest 😉

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    Thanks Dennis. Yes I can ALWAYS use help. The more you look at files and play with them the more you will come to acquaint yourself with coding in the game.

    I took C in school as well as FORTRAN and I was raised on ADA and Basic. I used to write games in basic when I was a kid. So I know how code works and have certifications in computer science. However, as a rule I had people working for me over the years that did everything for me. I was the boss – the guy in charge.

    So I have had to learn this game on my own with the help of a few people over the years. I DO have the Source Code for this game. And since Pirates Ahoy! chose not to do anything with it, I have. In your version of ERAS there are Source Code modifications.

    I truly believe that if I could get a few really good coders working on the game that were interested in it and passionate about it as we are, I could give them the source code and we could do ALL KINDS OF GREAT THINGS!

    I do not believe the Storm 2.8 engine was ever pushed even slightly to its full potential.

    I am playing with things in the source right now like upping the numbers of ships in convoys from 10 or 12 to like 20 or 30. New computers can handle these kinds of numbers.

    There were also problems in the particle files that I fixed. That’s why the game is so stable now and why I get all the comments from people that they sometimes play a whole day or hours at a time without a single crash.

    This is just going to get better. I will never abandon ERAS. Even if I do get my backing to build a new game, I will still continue with ERAs – probably just not as much.


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    So as promised. Here’s an update on what I am working on.

    – Character Index 90+ percent complete (citizen and officer model renaming complete – testing still required)
    – New characters 90 percent done. Animation problem with new swashbuckler character resolved.
    – New items finished (although still looking for more ideas) – found a few new weapons and am debating on adding them…
    – New cargo items (Logwood and Cochineal) not yet started
    – Diplomacy tweak upgrade 40 percent complete – testing not completely conclusive (works to a degree)
    – Historical Cannon mod 70 percent complete
    – Add fighters (Change from 3 fighters to 4 fighters) complete – but there is a bug – still working
    – More (5) reskinned ships
    – Working on one new ship model. Hoping Craig can help me with the masts.
    – Islands phase one – 90 percent complete – locators correct – still some crashes. Something isn’t matching. Will figure it out. Still need to add shoreline and lightening around new islands on sea texture.

    Take a look at these pics….


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      Craig Brown

      I will try and help. What do you need regarding the masts?

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    OH MY GAWD, YOU DID IT! THose islands are awesome!!! THIS is so great I cant express it. Im so looking forward to the new patch… This will truly rule out what mod is the greatest mod of all Pirate age mods!!! Imagine what is possible with that. You could add so many regions, provided the game can cope with it!!! I bet the PA guys will be pretty jealous about your progress XD

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      I am pretty excited about this as well Dennis. In a year from now I can see us having all of the SOFS/POTC locations in GOF Eras. Work that should have happened several years ago if we could have got cooperation from certain resistant people.

      In addition I am still working on the jetty code. So it might be possible to also have ships docked right next to the piers like in the Build mods.


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    So you guys have probably already seen my post on the Promotion mod being fixed/finished. I would like to hear your opinions about the questions I asked on that post.

    in addition, Craig has been asking me via text about the sea sounds missing when on deck in battle that activate when you use your crosshair.

    So here is another thing I am working on. The fmodex file in your game is not even made by Akella. I have the ability to open and modify these kinds of files now. So in addition – this file is slightly modded by yours truly. You may have a little quiet in battle, but it is far better than any of the original Akella FMODEX files which would often mute cannon fire or even ALL sounds during a battle. Usually the silence only lasts for five to ten seconds at the beginning of battles in my game.

    My plan at this point will be to combine one of the Akella FMODEX files with this modded Frankenstein version in your present game. I will eliminate duplicative or conflicting code and then we will give it another try. It may turn out to be the best sound booster ever for our Storm games. Here’s hoping…crossing my fingers.

    This project won’t take long, I just have to make a little time this week for it and I am incredibly busy.


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    So I thought I would copy the post I have on MODDB for those that are interested which details a lot of the new stuff that is going into the next version of ERAS module2. I am at the point where I am thinking about calling this “Pirate Simulation” because we have most of them in the game now – and most of the ships and items that would have been available then.

    FROM MODDB channel Modernknight1: http://www.moddb.com/members/modernknight1

    For a good video of the current gameplay visit: Youtube.com

    For a vid of the new characters scroll down to the bottom of this page.

    EDIT: 09 October 2015: Sorry been delayed. However a lot of good breakthroughs. Flags changing during actions successfully changed. This also means that the enemy ships flag will change to your flag when you take the ship and it will appear instantly. I have equipped all the new characters with items that they might have when you begin the game. So now you will have a ship with the correct class and historical name for the character but also some equipment as well. For those characters starting off as officers in their navy, they already have a letter of mark when the game begins. SPOILER ALERT: The new items interface above shows off most of the new swords in the mod. This has been incredibly time consuming but I am traveling again soon and wanted to get all of this done and the new mod up before I leave. I also wanted this release to correspond with the website coming back up with new content. Stand by just a little longer. A new video will also be going up on my youtube channel show-casing many of the new improvements. It will be my first narrated video with my voice explaining all of the new developments. Tons of new sounds. MK

    EDIT: 03 October 2015: OK friends well nothings gone as I wished this last week but the website should be back up by tonight with TONS of new stuff. Even more new characters added. I got carried away. However they are completely finished. I added a few fictional ones as well. The total stands at 48 new characters for a total of 123 characters in the mod now. The brief 3 minute video at the bottom of the page shows them all. Here’s the list of the additions (no more will be added for this version):

    – Henry Jennings

    – Thomas Drummond

    – Silas Scallywag

    – Howell Davis

    – Morgan Adams (Geena Davis from Cutthroat Island)

    – Bertrand Vallo (tribute to Burt Lancaster and the 1952 movie “The Crimson Pirate”

    – Mary Harvey

    – Antonio de Layseca

    – Peter Beckford

    – Pierre Blot

    – John Halsey

    Several other things I should mention: I think the character issues and crashes during treasure quests, kill rebel gang leader requests etc are all completely fixed. Not one crash in 7 hours testing and not one error message appeared on screen. YEAY!!!

    All of the new characters now have a ship assigned to them. Ships were selected to match the historical ship/type that they would have had at the time. In addition all ships have a name that corresponds to their historical ships name. In some cases I made the names up when I couldn’t find the real historical name of their ships. In most cases I was able to find the names of their ships.

    I am still adding weapons and items. I don’t even know what the count is now. People have been giving me a lot of new stuff. Its gonna be AWESOME!

    I have the islands of St. Eustatius and Marie Galante working half way but still not all the locators correct and some crashing at some beach locations. I am going to relegate the new island work to the next build release because I want to get this one finished and out now. All new ships are in and finished. As soon as the rest of the weapons are in this puppy is going up.


    EDIT: 19 September 2015 As usual all kinds of real world issues are interfering with my work on GOF ERAS2. Was able to get some stuff done. Look at the photos above to get a little idea. Characters are almost finished. We did add some additional new ones in the process.

    Here’s the additions:

    – Mathijs Quars (Dutch)
    – Sir Thomas Whetstone (English)
    – Diego “el mulato” Grillo (Pirate/Spanish)
    – Lawrens Prins (Dutch – but worked for English most of his career)
    – Edward Davis (Pirate)
    – Peter Cloise (Pirate) Another character of African descent
    – Stephan O’Siadhail (Spain) my son Hraktuus
    – John Coxon (Pirate/English)
    – Charles Swan (Pirate/English) fat model
    – Modern Knight – ME

    The grand total on characters now is 114 – One Hundred and Fourteen. They all work perfectly.

    I think I may have most of the character errors and bugs finally fixed. More testing needed. Way more variety of people in the game now.

    On the verge of opening up Buccaneers Reef again. Next day or two for sure.


    EDIT: OK against my better judgement I have added Ned Low due to several requests. I gave him some attributes of the Black Sails character. I was hesitant for two reasons. 1. There is the find and kill Edward Low quest. There was an earlier Edward Low who was a pirate who is in no way related to the later Ned Lowe. 2. The real Edward Low was WAY worse of a bat-s*it crazy nutcase than the one in the series. He was a reasonably successful pirate with many more hauls than say Blackbeard – Lowe took over a hundred prizes. But he was a blood-thirsty psychopath. His crew was terrified of him and he would often kill all prisoners. He had an insane temper and on one particular Spanish ship he ran through all 53 prisoners HIMSELF in a line. On another occasion a Portuguese captain threw several bags of gold midores (amounting to 15,000 pounds) overboard to keep Low from getting it. Low cut his lips off, boiled them and made him eat them. He then slaughtered his entire crew before he killed the captain. Not the kind of role model I want my kids to follow. These are the kinds of acts that make ones blood curdle. I tried to make him look crazy. Do you think I succeeded? Look at the picture and tell me what you think.

    EDIT: 12 September 2015, My youngest son Steve (Hraaktuus) who is currently home for a few months is assisting me with the mod. He did a character count and said we have 30 English characters and 30 Pirate characters. The Dutch have 16 but the French and Spanish have the least. I noticed that a lot of people like to play as Frenchmen, so I am adding the following characters that my son helped research. The character list is now going to move well beyond a hundred as he wants a character with his face and I’ve decided to make a character that is myself as well. Here are the additional New – new characters:

    Raveneau de Lussan

    Joseph-Antoine LeFebvre DeLabarre

    Moise Vauquelin

    Phillipe Bequel

    Admiral Jean de Estrees

    ….my son thought it would be neat to have a scumbag Dutch slave trader as well, so we are adding:

    Jacob Janssen Van der Bergh

    The models and textures have already been selected and they are awesome! Working them now.

    end of Edit: MK

    The new release will feature

    – 16 new ships – both new models and new reskins


    – Dutch 1st Rate

    – Spanish War Galleon

    – Spanish Caravella de Armada

    – Old Spanish trading caravel

    – Blackwall English Indiaman

    – Dutch West Indiaman

    – English 38 gun 4th rater

    – English 20gun Fast Pinnace

    – English Coastal Bark

    – Demi-Galley

    – English Privateer Cutter

    – Bermuda Sloop

    – Pirate 3 masted sloop

    – Dutch Bilander

    – Dutch Dogger

    – Yacht

    – Many other ships have also received better or additional skins.

    – All ships have been rebalanced once again reflecting a little more realistic capabilities

    – ERAs now has over 200 ship models. Because GOF ERAs2 randomizes three different skin possibilities every time you encounter or buy a ship you can get 3 distinctly different looking ships for most models. If you count all of these skins as separate ships, then GOF ERAs is almost up to 600 ships! More ships than any other pirate/age of sail game or mod in the world.

    – 20 new characters – all are real historical people from the period with the exception of the fictional Captain James Flint from Black Sails. This brings us up to 98 different characters you can play as – and 97 different NPCs you will encounter across the Caribbean to hire as your own officers, go on missions with, duel with and kill, or compete with.

    Latest new character LIST:

    – Admiral Michiel DeRuyter (Dutch)

    – Abraham Crijnssen (Dutch)

    – Captain Roemer Vlaaq (Dutch)

    – Charles Vane (Pirate)

    – Captain James Flint (Pirate)

    – Bartolomeu de Portugues (Pirate)

    – Charlotte de Berry (Pirate/English) Famous female pirate of the 1660s

    – Edward Collier (English/Pirate) (Morgan’s famous 1st Lieutenant/number 1 captain)

    – John Wilmot 2nd Earl of Rochester (English)

    – Admiral Sir Edward Spragge (English)

    – Captain Edward Spragge the Younger (English)

    – William Beeston (English)

    – Daniel Montbars (French/Pirate) “The Exterminator”

    – Jean Bart (French/Pirate)

    – Francois d’Angennes (French)

    – Alexandre Prouville de Tracy (French)

    – Admiral Agustin de Diustegui (Spanish)

    – Don Deigo de Ibarra (Spanish)

    – Alsonso de Campos (Spanish)

    – Juan Corso (Spanish/Pirate)(actually Corsican – one of the famous Corsican Brothers)

    – New pirates, sailors, and girls

    – New islands and towns

    – New locations (crypts)

    – 10 new swords and 2 new pistols – these are some nice ones

    – 18 new items – including a new grappling gun that gives +20 in boarding, the Order of the Golden Fleece, opium, and a variety of new pipes. For those of you already aware of the last set of “bad items” like the poor scrimshaw, half eaten meat, filthy rags, old boots, etc… there are several more of these – to include an old rusty viking style sword. It’s called “Thagarr’s Sword” and is usable to fight with in the game. However it has very poor stats and gives you minus -10 LUCK and degrades all of your fighting abilities. For those of you that like to play on deathmatch you might want to give this blade a wirl. LOL!

    – Five new kinds of cargo

    – New Flag Videos

    – Many Bug fixes – to include Austin Quest problems fixed. A couple of character texture and animation problems fixed.

    – Even better stability and less crashing – especially in encounters.

    – The website at Buccaneers Reef ( http://www.buccaneersreef.com ) is currently under construction and will be featuring loads of new content soon.



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