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    Cheese. I have to say that one of my favorite snack foods is cheese. I don’t have the dedication to it that you see in the Wallace and Grommit movies, and I have not tasted most of the exotic or specialized cheeses you find in England or France. However, I had my fair share of cheeses in Germany when I lived there for five years. I love simple sharp cheddar on my grilled cheese sandwiches. I love swiss on almost anything. I love feta on my Gyros or Donar Kabbobs. I can eat cottage cheese right out of the container for lunch all by itself. I love cheese! I love it as an evening snack and as a gift.

    One of my good friends who is now the editor of a major newspaper. used to recite this goofy poem when giving us advice about dating girls.

    “On a moonlit stroll, there’s nothing better, than to warm her heart, with a slab of cheddar. If you love her – give her cheese.

    My favorite I guess would be Dutch smoked Gouda and Danish Havarti. Yum!!!

    This also reminds me of an old song one of my scout masters taught us when I was a boyscout 35+ years ago. Do you remember the old nursery rhyme “Three Blind Mice”? Well this is the scientifically correct classification song version of the famous old nursery rhyme.

    “Three Rodents with Impaired Vision, three rodents with impaired vision,

    Observe how they perambulate, observe how they perambulate,

    They all perambulated after the agricultural spouse, Who amputated their gludius maximae with a carving utensil,

    Have you ever observed such a spectacle in all of your existence, as Three Rodents with Impaired Vision.”

    Can’t think of anything more OFF TOPIC than THAT! LMAO


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    So I went and saw the new Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens” the other night. This movie has been getting rave reviews and was hyped up to the extreme. I thought for sure I was gonna love it – but I didn’t.

    So to give you some background… I love Star Wars and most SciFi. I was not only into sailing ships growing up but space ships as well. I was reading Bradbury when I was in the 2nd Grade. When the 1st Star Wars movie came out “A New Hope”, I rode downtown on my BMX bicycle to the old Paramount Theater in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I was 10 years old. I was there before anyone else and waited in line for hours before the movie started. About an hour after I got there a few other kids showed up and two hours later quite a few more people got in line. By the time the movie theater opened up to allow patrons in, the line to see the movie was three blocks long and went around the next block.

    The local news people arrived from KIFI Channel 8 and interviewed me. Before the summer was over, I had seen the movie 27 times and had paid for entry with my paper route money. I would spend entire weekends at the theater and was on a first name basis with the theater manager and employees. I quite literally memorized the movie and to this day can still recite every line – a fringe benefit of my Aspergers. I was interviewed again and was dubbed “The Star Wars Kid”. That name stuck with me for the remainder of Elementary School. I’ve always been fond of Star Wars my entire life and have a very valuable collection of comic books to spaceship models still in their original boxes.

    When the prequels came out I was overjoyed. I loved all of them. The third one not so much because I thought lucas tried to fit too much into one movie. I was also very disappointed in both Count Dooku’s and General Grievous’s demise. The cartoon series had really pumped them up as some tough villains and so it was a let down to see them die so easily.

    I couldn’t believe that the prequels were the object of so much hate from the fans. The back story was excellent. A greedy Trade Federation (not unlike the Dutch or English East India Companies) was imposing its will upon weak worlds it wanted to exploit and bribing the weakening and corrupt Republic into turning a blind eye. In many was I saw the inefficient corrupt bureaucracy of the Senate and the government on Corusant as a social commentary on our own decaying Constitutional Republic that for all intensive purposes is really a corporate and bank owned oligarchy with appropriate window dressing to make the masses believe they are still represented.

    The costumes, the settings/backdrops and technology were all brilliant and had a feel as if they were from a slightly earlier time than “A New Hope”. The beautiful Naboo space craft with their silver hulls and the yellow star fighters with their beautiful graceful curves reminded me of retro aircraft from WWII or cars built in the 1930’s and 40’s. I could even stomach Jar Jar Binks. This was very original cinema and I expected nothing less from George Lucas.

    So with all of that said, I can’t help but be extremely disappointed in this new movie. I was expecting so much more. I was expecting maybe some vestiges of plot lines and characters I had come to appreciate in the comic book series or novelettes. I did love the fact that the art and CGI was so spectacular. The battles were excellent and I would expect nothing less. I have in my possession an original signed set of Ralph McQuarrie prints from 1977. I really feel this movie did a good job in many ways of being more pure to the original McQuarrie concept art vision. The X-Wings are dead on and I think they look way better.

    However, all of the beautiful effects, battles, explosions, etc aside, a movie is a story and it should fit into the firmament already in place – and fit well in the case of a franchise as HUGE as Star Wars. I do not want to spoil this for those who may not have seen the movie yet so I am not going to talk about specific things I didn’t like – YET. However, I will simply give a brief synopsis of WHY I don’t like this movie. Orphan with special exceptional powers, villain with black helmet, superweapon that destroys entire planets…..where have we seen this before? I felt like this was simple repackaging for a new generation of fans with little originality or a intent to fit into the already existing Star Wars ethos. I was and am….very disappointed.

    Please feel free to respond and give me your thoughts.


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    I didnt watch the movie simply because I was never a fan of it, I read the spoiler and understood that its not my type of genre.
    I like medieval-fantasy type films, and films that play in the carribean in the ERAS timeline. Never was a fan of films that are of the future.
    I like to quote a modern time philosopher on a matter, that is describing explicit why I disdain science fiction:

    “All our greed, egoism and centralized self obsession is pathetic when you take a look at the bigger picture.”
    The universe is so vast, so beautiful and unexplored. There are countless stars, planets and solarsystems all across the universe.
    What happens on this tiny piece of rock is so irrelevant and yet we fight wars and destroy the tiny rock we all habitate, enslave eachother for the sake of ourselves. The rich got rich by enslaving the poor in the first place. Now they get richer by dictating the terms of “democracy”, even in science fiction we centralize ourselves in order to better relate to the film. There are sounds and colours our minds can not even think to grasp, areas we might not even think to explore and analyze. As a fitness trainer and nutrition advisor I can tell you from experience that we know less things about our body than we know about the ocean. And we know little to nothing about it as it current stands.

    If we look at our past, at the millenias that are documented, we see how little we learned and how ideas and ideals are over and over abused by the same people in charge.
    Whenever there came a time when people rose and tried to be democratic (antique greece) or free (Pirates), the people in charge tried to put them down by force, adapted their methods where necessary to please the common folk. If we look at our democracy today, it is all but a fassade.
    I feel it is not before long the people in charge manage to conquer the internet, they certainly are attempting that at every hour, but its sheer vastness is what makes it so tricky to cover.

    Btw I modified a mod to my liking from Mount and Blade Warbanfd, the newest version of Prophecy of Pendor, if you would allow it I would like to share it with members of Buccaneers reef, so as long as it remains hidden from the main creators of the mod. They dont take too kindly to “occult meddlers”, as they use to call whoever adjusts the mod and puts in elements of their own choice.

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    Well with Star Wars its supposed to be LONG AGO. Indeed I have always found that interesting. I remember growing up hearing old guys talking about how we were technologically advanced before Noah’s Great Flood. I agree with you completely about human arrogance. Pride has always been the downfall of so many great civilizations and endeavors. It’s interesting too that people do not like to talk about the unexplainable because it makes them uncomfortable. People prefer the comfort of black and white set boundaries and simple explanations that fit neatly into a box. This is why so many blindly follow the establishment and slop up what they are fed by the lame-stream media like gravy and fully believe it.

    I remember years ago a friend of mine found a book published in the 1960s that was concerned with documenting rare and arcane artifacts that couldn’t be explained. There was thousands of photos and the author’s in the introduction explained that they were disturbed by the fact that many of these artifacts were being deliberately filed away deep in museum vaults or disappearing. (Think the crate in Indiana Jones at the end of the first movie). The pictures and narratives were very revealing. There were human skeletons and skulls that were several times larger than modern humans. There were also miniature skeletons, and hundreds of tiny spears, arrowheads, tools, etc for tiny people no taller than a common dog or cat. There were the standard crystal skulls but there were also metal artifacts. I remember a “Damascus steel type blade that had been dated to thousands of years before Christ but this technology was not supposed to have existed then. Then came all manner of tools made from both stone and metal that were dated thousands of years ago. These tools had many shapes and sizes. Many looked like modern bearings in machinery but were still perfectly polished. I saw one of these little ring bearings myself once made of stone and polished. It was a perfect circle. The artifact was at the University of Idaho and the curator allowed my father to examine it. They had “miked” it and it was perfect to thousandths of an inch dimensionally from every possible angle. It was found in the high desert of Idaho along the old Shoshone migration route.

    My father is an interesting man because he does not believe in ghosts. I myself have had several supernatural encounters. That still does not sway his opinion. Yet he believes in psychic power because he possesses that ability himself. Many in our family do. He can tell you what page in a book you are reading even if he is on the other side of the room. He noticed he would already know what page they were going to be told to turn to in a textbook in the class room as a young student in school. We know the police regularly use psychics to solve murders and find bodies. We also know that governments have been using them for years in study. I could scare you if I said more about what I personally know about this but I’m not. My father swears he saw a sea serpent/monster. He was in the Navy in the late 1950’s and they were tying up his ship to the dock in Norfolk Virgina. My Dad was on the large hawser line down by the dock securing some small lead lines and the rat barriers when one of the sailors up on the ship above commented, “holy Sh*t what is that down there?”. My father thought they were simply messing with his head and joking around, but then his friends chimed in saying, “He’s not kidding, there is something down there in the water looking right up at you.” My father looked down into the water and right there below the smooth calm surface was a giant snake head looking up at him. My father scrambled down off that rope as fast as he could and all the men stood there staring at the thing for around five more minutes before it lowered itself downward out of view. The men all agreed they were not going to tell anyone because people would think they were crazy.

    My father described the creature as having the wide triangular head of a venomous snake and shiny coal black eyes. The color was a brownish purple and the large scales were clearly visible. I dismissed this as a story he told us kids when we were little for years, but he swears to this day he saw it. A few years ago I found an awesome book “Superstitions of the Sea” by James Clary (1994) ISBN 0-916637-00-X. In this book he describes a sea monster that fit’s the description my father gave that has been seen off the coasts of Norfolk down to Virginia Beach for over 200 years by numerous people. Then a couple years later I was out on the boardwalk at Virgina beach with a good friend and overheard some fisherman talking about a sea monster. I inserted myself into the conversation and wanted to know more. They told me that this “Virginia Beach Sea Serpent” was fairly common knowledge among local fishermen. I was flabbergasted. I called my father that evening and told him what I had heard.

    This modern generation wishes to worship science and wishes to discount anything that cannot be explained or witnessed to by our poor senses to lunacy or superstition. Its a sad state even though science itself is beginning to break some boundaries in these areas that could explain a great many things. I often challenge those that are anti-religion to consider mystics and seers like Nostradamus. Those that poke fun here are also the same that have not actually studied his prophecies(quatrains). His accuracy is UNBELIEVABLE and beyond scientific explanation. My favorite is his prediction of King Henry II of France’s death. His vision was exact. He said he would die in a tournament from a fragment of splintered lance that would penetrate the eye slit of his helmet into his eye. He gave the exact date. When a tourney came on the date people were already amazed. Henry’s courtiers begged him not to joust. He laughed it off as superstition. He was killed exactly in the way that Nostradamus predicted.

    The developments in Physics research in just the last few years since 2009 are producing some amazing results. The theories that have been put forth have brought many scientists in the atheist camp over to the intelligent design camp. The string theorists surmise in their continuing algorithmic equations that the outcomes are set – the conclusions are that we must believe in a kind of smart naturally occurring multiverse or a deliberate intelligent design. Its just too perfect. In addition Harvard researchers are expanding their look at the 4th spatial dimension (not time) of dark matter using the continuing observations of shadow (shadow theories). They not only believe there is another spatial dimension beyond ours but that it exists in tandem with our space and time and that it has its own unique biology.

    There is a theory now that the unexplained phenomena of rock varnishes in the New Mexico desert canyons are from microbes not from our own dimension. This pronouncement has made other scientist pose the very real possibility that there could be other intelligent beings existing in our own same space but that we (usually) cannot perceive – however they can perceive us. This is HUGE. Here we have science now postulating explanations for what so many for so long have said was hogwash regarding supernatural encounters, apparitions, etc. that our human culture is rich with in both its literature and history – but was put down for so long as “hallucination, mental illness, or lying”. What pathetic stuff. What will those same skeptics say when these scientists blow the lid off this thing with continuing research. Will it also be swept aside or the research pigeon holed into some back room vault?

    All this to say that I have always been a skeptic of everything I hear and have always had to look into everything I believe with deep meticulous research. SciFi was always compelling to me. Imagine traveling into the stars and encountering other worlds. It would be wonderful. I love history and the medieval era through the Age of Reason timeframe more as an area of study, but I have so enjoyed Star Trek and Star Wars, Firefly, and other SciFi for years as a wonderful diversion. It’s just good fun entertainment. In the case of Star Trek, there is definitely some of that vein, arrogant pride in humanity coming through, but also a noble goal oriented higher morality of treating people fairly. Poverty no longer exists in that universe and the challenge as Jean Luc Picard always says is “bettering oneself”. I just like that. It runs so opposite to the reality that is the world of now – which seems to be degrading rather than improving in the areas of fairness, justice, equality, economic prosperity, etc. When I was a kid there were series like SPACE 1999 where a moon base had been constructed and we had successfully colonized the moon. I remember reading a book published in the mod 1970s called “The next 50 years in outer space”, it had all of the far reaching predictions. Sadly none of that exciting stuff has happened. We never went back to the moon and we’ve never been to Mars. Our space station is a small sad little cylinder compared to the large milti-ringed and sphered models we were told would be up there now. The US space program lacks the money to even get our own payloads into space and relies on commercial and foreign platforms. Its so funny to me that a country that would impose sanctions on another for business in its own backyard would still rely on its spacecraft to get its payloads into space. Funny!

    More later…. but I still want to hear what other people have to say about the new Star Wars movie.

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    @Dennis, Oh I almost forgot. Yeah I have no problems with you posting your mods for other games here. I am going to create a new forum topic for it. My favorite Warband mod is A New Dawn because of all of the new factions, troop trees and all of the Floris mod material included. I never could get into Prophecy of Pendor. It seemed too fantasy to me and less medievalistically realistic. I love the new locations. Love the Venetian feel of some areas and courts. Love all of the cool old ruins. I hate the new voice-overs and I hate how lances can kill swung slightly from the side rather than purely from the thrust.


    Here’s the new forum:

    Other Video Games and Mods

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    Star Wars saga and the new release…just recently glanced at this thread and noted the paraphrased, “I didn’t love it.” I will now have to read through the entirety for the details, but prepare for response 🙂

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    Star Wars – The Farce awakens, Jar Jar Abrahams, shameless regurgitation, etc…

    I was not particularly enamoured with it, to put it mildly 😉

    What perplexes me though is coming to terms with the “death of independant journalism” in the last few years. You COULD NOT find a negative review of that film for love nor money when it came out. They’re all bought out! Even Red Letter Media, that did those hilarous yet absolutely critically correct reviews of the prequels, were appeased (or bought-?). I found myself facepalming from around the 25 minute mark of the film…and not in a positive way! So many things took me “out” of the movie (including hearing a “scottish” accent in the SW universe – that and darth Emo’s tantrums. And the complete regurgitation of A New Hope). Well, not very gentlemanly of me but I’m glad the girlfriend payed for that one! ( I payed for “Fury” – which she hated! Now we’re even!)

    This, of course, is only my humble opinion (- it actually felt good typing that out fully!) and hope that jaded and cynical old me hasn’t upset anyone with my cinematic snobbery. For what it’s worth, “Rhymes for Young Ghouls” was my favourite film of 2016, with honourable runner up going to “Mad Max – Fury road” (because it may appear to be dumb on the surface – but it’s actually quite clever under the hood. JJ Abrams – please take note!)

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    Wow! This is great that people are commenting on the off topic forum!

    So two things up front.

    1) On this forum there is no such thing as a necro posts or any kind of bad juju associated with commenting on an old post as in so many other forums. Useless etiquette interferes with honest communication IMO.

    2) I HATE political correctness! It is useless blathering pandering bunk and it is nearly impossible on this forum to ruffle any feathers for merely stating your honest opinion…. Unlike some other forums I can name that have lost the majority of the members because of this useless way of limiting and censoring expression in the name of subjectively sparing someones weak way of rolling or action/thinking.

    As long as we are civil and don’t drop a dozen F bombs, if it’s your honest real opinion, you wont be chastised or talked down to here. Again – unlike some other forums I can name that require rigid forum rules to justify their nazi-esque censorship practices and treatment of good intentioned members.

    To begin with – I HATE JJ. Just puttin it out there – HATE! What he did to Star Trek to try to gain a new youthful following – borders on murder. He slaughtered the entire franchise and alienated generations of hardcore fans that have now taken it upon themselves to make fan films due to CBS/Paramount’s failure to give long standing fans what they want and have come to expect forever. IMHO the Star Trek universe is almost utopian. It has eliminated poverty, class and greed and replaced them with limitless opportunity with the new challenge being “TO IMPROVE ONESELF”. I am no commie and I believe in hard work but I love the Star Trek ideal.

    This is all gone now in JJ’s universe. His is a cludge of sci fi and neocon globalism combined. He’s a tool of the modern corporate propaganda machine and doing his part. He cares nothing for what Roddenbury took decades to cultivate. That vision is gone along with the entire planet Vulcan. Are the Vulcans now the Narns with no homeworld to call their own. We should call JJs universe Marvel Babylon Star Talmud 5 Wars Trekkkkaaah Yah boooyeez

    Couldn’t agree more on the corporate journalism comment. Our Fourth Estate is embalmed and 6 feet under. The current lame stream news IS FAKE NEWS. It is hilarious how desperate they are to try to snuf out web based grass roots news sources or foreign news services that are actually providing truthful news going on in the world – by labeling them “fake news”. I am so glad that most people seem to be seeing right through all this smoke and mirrors.

    Tomorrow night I am going out to see the new Rogue One Star Wars movie with several family members. From the trailers I am just so darn excited. This one looks GOOD and I am hoping it is.

    Oh yeah and I am no fan of Nazis. I had many relatives who fought and several who died in WWII. One of our great family stories is that I had an uncle who actually found another uncle in a prisoner of war camp and was literally the one who opened the cell and rescued him. Now how often does something like that happen? This is not fiction or out of a novel. IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!!! My family is full of war heroes for generations and I did my part as well. I am no fan of Mussolini, Hitler, or Hirohito.

    However, just because this is my website and I can do whatever I want: HITLER HITLER HITLER HITLER HITLER HITLER

    For those who don’t know why I just did that you should know I was banned for saying that word on another forum LOL…


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    So I am in the middle of doing a massive site update and its taking longer than I thought. I am taking a break and writing some posts.

    So I did go and see STAR WARS Rogue I right before Christmas with my whole family. If some of you still haven’t seen it then spoiler alert…

    All I can say is – THAT WAS MY STAR WARS! YES!!! There were several scenes where I became emotional – even teared up.

    This movie is incredible with awesome characters a realistic war story which fits perfectly into the framework of the original larger story and universe. The movie somewhat reminded me of old war movies like Guns of Navaronne, A Bridge Too Far, or The Eagle Has Landed where by the end of the movie most of the cast is dead – but they either achieve their final objective or just fall short. Everyone in the primary cast of this movie dies. In that way it is a real tragedy but it shows how noble self sacrifice is when fighting great evil.

    This movie tells the rest of the story which begins in A New Hope with the Rebel Alliance desperately trying to get the stolen data tapes of the Death Star plans to people that can exploit the superweapon’s weaknesses.

    In the climax and final scenes of the movie I was petrified in my seat. We see a truly evil malevolent Darth Vader come out of the blackness killing everyone around him. I was like HOLY SH*T!!! Poor rebels being levitated and cut in half and playing hot potato with the data tapes trying to get them onto the rebel ship.

    This movie was incredible and is what Star Wars is all about. It brought me back to one of my very favorite video games of all time DARK FORCES. There was a really great mod done for this game a few years ago but they only got to level 6 I think (the Imperial Prison level). I may have to dust off that old PS console and give it a play. I plan to go see the movie again. I already would have but since the holidays got over I have been spending almost every spare minute I have trying to get the next awesome version of our favorite game mod finished!



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    I have to say I was always a Star Trek fan by heart. The idea that we once will loose the “need” for things, simply because we can holographically and materialisticly recreate everything and everyone on a realistic level.

    Yet the idea for “want” of power was never properly adressed in Star Trek. One can tell me that with all the benefits of not needing “anything” because everything one would want is provided, creates a problem in the human design.

    In a society where there is no currency or “influence”, how does one progress with his own agenda? If we pretend that property is not a thing anymore and an item has no value, dont we abolish any sort of trade progress with it? I can understand if we go so far as to overthrow currency or commodities we all agree that they are worth something like gold. But then how does one go about to achieve his own goals. Lets say I want to become a pirate who preys on the weak & foreign on outer space. Not because I want the things they have, but because I have the malice idea to do so, and Im not satisfied to replicate this in a realistic simulation. Since property and ownership is nonexistant, I wont be able to have a ship of my own. Sure I can find a same minded crew, but how do I construct a commodity that seemingly is VERY scarce and not easily replicable.

    The Flagships like the Enterprise and Voyager while purposely build for more than a thousand crewmen, were never easily build and I doubt everyone would have the right to just order a ship to be build for him/her.

    Or maybe that idea was only functional on a smaller global scale in a closed eco system where everyone played by the rules. And the Federation had to make sure with its “volunteer crewmen” that the bubble would expand from planet to planet, with the same idea in mind. Gathering information and technology to improve all allied races, yet never having inner civil war like conflicts, seems too much Utopian. I find the Borg way more realistic than the Federation and its idea it stands for. Maybe if 100s of generations lived that way the idea could have worked because the mindset would have completely changed, but in the yer 2400, we will be far from setting out to other stars or using hyperspeed drive. More likely we will be exploiting the surrounding planets to fuel our wasteful ideas and wishes, while being stuck in selfcreated systems we cannot escape.

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    Well I am making videos and putting together the pictures and models segment for tomorrow – but wanted to take a little break. I can breathe easy again after so many all-nighters trying to get this latest version of the mod finished.

    I want to personally thank Jeffrey for all of the stuff he took from our long list of desired improvements and managed to cram a few more into this latest version. He and I have both had a lot of long nights of testing and getting this thing done. Lots of emails and phone calls have occurred to bring you all of the goodness that is the latest GOF ERAS 2.6.0 version of the mod.

    So back to the conversation here: Dennis I somewhat agree with what you are saying, but the Star Trek universe is so full of exceptions. Credits are still used in so many places. Janeway in Voyager is always making trades and bartering for new parts or technology for the ship. Look at the Ferengi and their obsession with Latinum which is used as a measure of currency in Quarks bar on Deep Space Nine – A Federation outpost.

    Consider all of the independent traders and characters with their own ships that they’ve run into since the old series. Harry Mudd was always one of my favorites. I think for someone who wants to live within the boundaries of the safe society that the Federation offers, then they can always continue to improve themselves as I stated before. Holy crap, just look at replicator technology. People can basically make whatever items they wish.

    For those who want more as you say, they could venture out into areas which are inhabited by other races and encounter other challenges. They would certainly have to use currency, and for someone who was ambitious, intelligent and industrious – I am certain a warship could be within their grasp.

    Maybe one of the reasons why I love the Golden Age so much and the personalities of the time, is because of that dangerous freedom that abounded then. Certainly there was a lot of risk and the unknown was thick in that time. However, for those adventurous and brave enough for the challenge, the world offered only opportunity.

    Look at Kortenauer This guy started as a peasant of the lowest class and became one of the greatest Dutch Admirals in history. He has always reminded me of one of my favorites: Bertrand du Guesclin: another guy who started out as a lowly peasant and ended up as the Marshall of France. The King had to order the nobility to bow to him. He also was such a compassionate soldier. One of my favorite quotes is from him: “Remember men, that the women and children are not your enemies.”

    DeRuyter himself started as a merchant captain in the 1640s/50s in his own privately owned merchant warship the Salamander. He became famous for brokering and negotiating deals with the Barbary Pirates for the exchange and release of Christian slaves – European crews taken by the pirates from ships in the Mediterranean. There are statues and streets named for DeRuyter in other countries because of this record. He was so successful and had become wealthy enough that he planned to retire in the 1650s when the Anglo-Dutch wars broke out and he was called upon to become a naval commander (Schout-bij-Nacht) which equals a Commodore. I talk about this a little in the article I posted this week: A Most Murderous Monument.

    I am certain that if I could somehow be transported into the Star Trek universe I would end up the master of my own starship. It’s fun to dream – no? I am and will always be “A glass half-full person”.


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    History of Star trek games

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    Ah Star Trek games – me loves them! I remember when I was going to college, there was an old Star Trek arcade game in the Student Union building in the corridor out. This was the old 1980s one that displayed the connected polygons in bright colors like Asteroids and Battlezone. Spock narrated the game telling you what sector you were in. The sound effects were right out of the movies which at that time were only Star Trek I,II,III, and IV. You could sit down in this arcade game and it almost surrounded you. The arcade games seem so simple and obsolete now, but at the time they were just SO COOL!

    I was late for class a few times playing in that thing and I was always angry with myself because I would have spent my lunch money on it and then some in quarters. LOL

    Ah to be young again. Those were the days. Since then I have played most of the newer Star Trek games except the new ones for phones. I don’t play phone games – they are too small for me to handle.


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    Yesterday I learned that the NWO liberal leftist political movement to ensure that NO ONE on the planet is offended by anything they encounter has moved into Europe and is infecting its people.

    I was very aware of this movement in the US. It has destroyed the major premises of both philosophy and debate. It sets the stage for a world of drones to simply sit idly by and allow Orwell’s Big Brother of 1984 to tell them what they should think and do.

    Philosophy and debate by their very base nature require a discussion of ideas. Part of what we as people consider to be “freedom” and “our rights” is free thinking. A major part of free thought is an ability to discuss ideas – even IF these ideas might be offensive or unreasonable or opposed by a different school of thought. This does not mean that we simply give way to the so called “aggrieved party” immediately so that their feelings can be spared. This is madness folks!

    A debate and discussion in a free forum where no one has to fear what they believe must be allowed before decisions are arbitrarily made to pull down statues which have stood for hundreds of years or rename streets that received those names when cities were first built. If we as people surrender this right to debate and discuss the problem or the focus of angst, then we are resigning our rights – to think, to learn, and to speak – away forever.

    A major part of the problem here is that people have become timid – they are too afraid to speak up. In addition, people have become sheeple, which means that they don’t care about any of this any longer at all. As long as they have a place to live and food to eat, booze to drink, and entertainment to divert them from care and occupy their time – why should they have to think any longer? If this trend continues then in a few generations we will have the Orwellian world that he predicted. This is why I love the Star Trek world we talk about above because the idea is TO BETTER ONESELF.

    It is better to put oneself into a regimen of constant learning each day than to become a potted plant or a thoughtless mushroom. When I was 10 years old I had a paper route and I mowed peoples lawns in my neighborhood for extra money. What did I buy with that money? BOOKS! I became a member of TIME-LIFE and ordered their Seafarers series
    You can still get the complete set BTW:

    I would get one book a month. If I didn’t like it I could send it back. I kept every one. I still have them. Some of them became so beat up because I had read them so many times that I had to order new ones.

    I joined the History Book Club. They would also send a book each month and you got options to pick free books with every purchase you made. The beginnings of the immense and impressive library I enjoy now was started with these acquisitions.

    At age 14 I learned about the Brittanica series GREAT BOOKS OF WESTERN WORLD. I could never afford them then and I don’t think you could order them either. I found a set in an old Baptist church and began borrowing them one by one from the minister. By the time I was 17 I had read a third of the collection. Then I was off to college and then the military. When I was in Downs Barracks in Fulda Germany in 1992 an American AAFES salesman showed up in our PX (Post Exchange: think military Mall) selling the new reprinted release of the Great Books. Now at Age 25 and an Army Lieutenant I had more than enough money to buy the whole set.

    I was elated, but two were missing from the new set. Luther, Erasmus and Calvin were not there. The salesman was able to get me these volumes from the old set for just a little extra. I finished the entire set by the time I was 30. Let me tell you that some of this was not fun or light reading. I hated both Plutarch and Galen – Galen was nothing but obsolete medicine in Roman times. Dry is an under-statement, but I had set myself the goal and because I made it a reality I am a well rounded scholar beyond most university educated Doctors who are usually experts in their one discipline or scholarly area only. You don’t know how many times I was able to get opportunities or considered for special jobs or promotions because I could debate and discuss ideas and impress the people above me with my knowledge.

    Even if you only devote 20 or 30 minutes to reading in the evenings, you must stick to this. This sort of mindset of continuing to learn and discuss and debate ideas, MUST be the paradigm that is instilled within our youth.

    The New World Order (NWO)/Neocons/Trilateral Commission, etc. – (whatever other names you want to call them) composed of the super elites are doing everything in their power to undermine western society. The war in the Mid-East for the last decade and a half was manufactured. The refugee crisis which has emerged as a result is just what they wanted to happen. They want to change those societies and dilute and water them down. They want to cause deliberate upheaval and unrest. These people have been at work a long time. Look into the power structure which started the Bolsheviks to see their hand in action. Look at the advent of FIAT currency and privately owned central banks like the FED and IMF – who do you suppose owns them and who do you suppose loans money at interest to the worlds governments that they print from nothing causing more and more out of control debt and “austerity measures”.

    They want to eventually destroy our borders (Efforts and discussions to dissolve the boundaries between France and Germany have been common in the last decade). They want to destroy loyalty to any nationality/flag and they want to destroy the old tenants of a western education which at one time taught history and philosophy. Anything which would cause critical thinking must be eliminated. They have chosen to focus people inwards upon themselves into a sort of self worship. Look at me – how great I am – look at all of my “selfies” – look at all of the things I like to do and the music I like to listen to – I am so great – look at all of my friends and all of the likes I get from the things that I say. WOW – I call this “Self Licking Ice Cream Cone Culture” It does not create or improve itself. Our so-called celebrities do nothing but promote this kind of behavior as well – like buffalo running off of a cliff expecting everyone from behind to follow them – and the scary thing is that most people are doing just that. We must fight them and the best way to do that is to educate yourself and share your thoughts and ideas with others in discussion and debate! THAT my friends is what freedom IS!!!

    I see our website here as a teeny tiny corner/place where we can learn and discuss and play our games in an environment where that sort of debate and discussion of ideas – and an environment of learning and enrichment can happen within our small oasis.

    Please don’t be timid here. Your thoughts and ideas won’t be censored. Who would like to add to the discussion? What statues, paintings, buildings, streets, works of art that you know of are being removed from public view or being changed all in the name of political correctness?


  • #3864


    A whole bunch of you have e-mailed me and I am truly sorry I have not responded yet. I promise I will answer all of your e-mails shortly. I am just a little off center right now but will be OK in a couple more days.

    I had to bury and say good-bye to my very good friend yesterday. I’ve had to go through this before, but it never gets easier. She was a great dog and died way too young of liver cancer. She was 8 years old. She was born at home because we’ve always had a half dozen beagles around us. I named her Rectangle (more as a joke) because she was born with a perfect rectangle shape on her forehead. My family thought it was funny but didn’t really like it that much, so the name was changed to Tangles which was both cute and fitting. She lived and died at her home. She had an awesome life on a large multi-acreage homestead with her loving pack – both human and canine. Rest in peace Tangles. MK


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